WIRL was founded in order to provide professional engineers with a specialist source of Industrial Refrigeration solutions. With a supply chain extending over the world, it truly is a One-Stop-Shop for refrigeration equipment, whether required for new installation, plant refurbishment or maintenance of existing equipment.

WIRL source from a wide number of manufacturers using experience gleaned from more than fifteen years of working within the Industrial Refrigeration industry both in contracting and wholesale.

WIRL personnel have over thirty years experience of working in importing and exporting of products and have fine tuned this experience to providing the correct product first time every time.

Featuring products from Parker Refrigeration Specialties, Herl and Henry; WIRL have also added in recent years agencies for TH Witt and HB Products

Additionally, WIRL have established reliable supply from other leading industry manufacturers such as Hansen Technologies, Danfoss, HA Phillips, Lederle Hermetic and others.

WIRL aims to provide solutions to your problems with options based on brand, price and specification to fit solutions your budgetary needs.

With a reputation in the market second to none, we are sure we can offer superior service.

Brands and Product Offering

Parker is a global corporation. Its Climate and Industrial Control Division is represented by brands such as Refrigeration Specialties, Herl, FloCon and Sporlan with the latter two companies working primarily in Commercial Refrigeration. Products in the Industrial Refrigeration range include:

  • RS AutoPurgers – Manufactured from Stainless Steel, Chrome Plated Steel
  • Herl Stop, Stop-Check and Expansion Valves
  • Extended Bonnet valves for Insulation
  • Herl Pressure Relief Valves and 3-Way Valves available up to 50mm Inlet 65mm Outlet up to 27 Bar / 400psi.
  • Herl Stainless Steel Stop and Expansion valves
  • RS Stainless Steel Control valves under development
  • RS can offer a full range of Dual Suction Stop valve and Dual Solenoid valves

TH Witt is a German Manufacturer of high quality refrigeration equipment including

  • Hermetic and Flange Mounted Refrigerant Pumps
  • High Pressure Float Regulators
  • Economisers and other Pressure Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Chillers
  • Cascade Systems for NH3 to CO2

HB Products is an innovative Danish supplier of Electronic Controls focusing on Industrial applications for Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide. Their products feature Electronic components  detachable from sensing elements to enable quick change around without the need to pump down the system. Offering includes

  • Liquid Level Switches for Refrigerant, Gas and Oil
  • Refrigerant Phase Change controls
  • Wire Level Sensors for Ammonia (AKS41) for level columns
  • Pressure and Temperature Sensors (PT100 and PT1000)
  • Compressor Controls
  • Evaporator Defrost Sensor

Henry Technologies is a large refrigeration equipment supplier based in the US and UK supplying a range of controls into Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration including

  • Gauge and Needle Valves
  • Stop and Expansion Valves
  • Sight Glasses
  • Level Sensors
  • Relief Valves

Although much of our turnover continues to be on an Indent basis, we hold inventory of a number of products. These include the following

  • Ammonia Test Paper
  • Henry Relief Valves
  • AC&R Sight Glasses
  • Henry Gauge Valves
  • Some Sporlan Ammonia TX Valves and Spare Parts

Contact Details

Sales and Other Enquiries: David Phillips


Telephone:           +64 9 426 4590

Mobile:                  +64 21 138 7580

Accounts: Linda Phillips


Telephone:           +64 9 426 4590

Mobile:                  +64 21 931 614